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The Art of Being Broken Open

So often the notion of being “broken-hearted” is negative. It’s the thing nobody wants, the passed over gift at the white elephant, the untouched dish at the potluck. If you have a broken heart and show it you are often avoided because nobody wants what you’re having. When I read our theme for this month, my first thought was, I don’t want to write about that. But the more I thought about it, the more I had to, but not about heartbreak and what we go through — but what comes out of it.

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Lipstick Artist Creates Beauty with Every Kiss

At the sight of a kiss print, you might feel an overwhelming amount of positivity, passion or even empowerment. It symbolizes femininity and beauty — a mark usually given out of love and adoration. This is the mission behind every work of art Alexis Fraser creates from her vibrant collection of lipsticks. Residing in Sarasota, Florida, Alexis has been working at her craft since 2012 when she was first challenged to create a portrait of Marilyn Monroe using a nontraditional artistic method. Using shades of lipstick and her kiss prints, she suddenly found a technique to be proud of. This moment in time, six years ago, is what motivated Alexis to launch an entire art brand called “Lipstick Lex.”

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Creating Isn't Always Artistic

Creating is not just for the “creative” or “artistic” but it’s an inherent part of you. The mere fact you were created inside of your mother’s womb is proof that creation exists within you. As humans, it is our destiny, our purpose to create. Whether you know it or not, you’re a creator — let me show you.

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