our story

A crown is a symbol of authority, honor and victory. Typically, it is worn by a person of royalty as a distinction of their power and influence. Crowns come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They are delicately constructed to perfection for the head in which they will be placed. Everything about them is specifically designed to empower its wearer. Crowned Chics was born from the reality that crowns are a source and symbol of strength.

Our founder, Nikki Michelle Charnstrom felt compelled and led to start this business for the sole purpose of empowering women. As a 24-year-old, Nikki has become passionate about the power of feminine influence and the incredible impact women are making in society today. In a world where anyone can create their own path, Nikki hopes Crowned Chics will inspire others to do the same.

Since she was a brace-faced teenager, Nikki has relentlessly pursued writing. With a background and bachelor's degree in journalism from Northern Arizona University, she continues to chase her calling and follow the Lord's will over her life. Through her writing and her photography business Charnstrom Captures, Nikki hopes to create an online presence that is both encouraging and honest.