Our Vision

In our current world, women everywhere are realizing the significant impact that follows when we speak up and stand out. Now more than ever, women are tired of suppression and the hurtful actions or feelings that come of it. Presently, there is all this feminine strength circulating within our communities but what are we to do with it?

Crowned Chics was founded on the idea that if you can dream it — girl, you have everything you need to make it! Our hope for this business is that it will empower women to take control of their lives. Rather than waiting on someone else to give you what you want, go out there and take it! We live in a world filled with opportunity and now is the time to create one for yourself. 

So, get out there and pursue what sets your soul on fire. You will come to learn you had it inside of you all this time. Pick up your crown and wear it with pride — you're unstoppable, girl.