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Crowned One | by Stephanie Sparks

My name means “crowned one” yet for most of my life I was unable to grasp that. I walked around in my younger years filled with the need to apologize for everything. The way I looked, the way I spoke, the way I felt and yes — I even apologized for just being born. No one really meant to make me feel bad and in fact, if not for a grandmother who loved and encouraged me, I’m not really sure what I would’ve become.

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Why Weight? | by Gwen Winters

"Why weight" is my story because it represents waiting for the perfect life, job or experience. This title also means something that has held me back in taking chances or the way people see me. My weight has influenced my life and given me pain. As an almost 50-year-old woman, it has taken me years to realize God has given me the ability to succeed and create my own life — and experiencing it without worrying about waiting for something that may not be best for me.

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