I Am Not a Victim | by Lisa Poduska

Well, I'm not sure where to start. As a young child, my mom couldn't afford to take care of us, so my sister and I lived in a children's home. From time to time when we were actually at home, I was molested by my mom's husband at the age of seven — all while going back and forth from the children's home.


As I started to grow up, all I could do was eat to overcome my stress, which I never talked about because I was warned harm would come to my mother. So, through the years, I became promiscuous — and every time I tried to talk about what happened, my mom wouldn't listen. However, I did talk to my friends about it — and the more I talked about it, the less it weighed on me. It made me a stronger person as I sought out the love of Christ — because to this day, no matter how far down I might be or how far down people might think I am, I always get back on my feet. I'm always the one with the smile on my face.

I did not become a victim.

I am not a victim and I have self-confidence. Now that I have a daughter and granddaughter, I can see I did pretty darn good at overcoming those stresses as a child.


Lisa Poduska lives in Powder Springs, Georgia.

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