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Wearing a Crown of Confidence

Confidence. Maybe we’re born with it, maybe we’re not? How do you know you have it? Is it something instinctual or learned? Maybe it’s a mixture of both. Think back to one of the moments you first recognized your own power. Was it someone in your life telling you they believed in you or maybe the first time you spoke up in class? Perhaps it was making your first friend on the playground or even more recently getting that promotion you’ve been working hard for.

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Crowns Earned by Experience

I strongly believe my childhood and life experiences set me down the path to earning my “crowns” in strength, wisdom, creativity, love, and compassion. In order to understand how I came to be as a person, we need to take a quick trip back down memory lane!

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It's OK, Even Warriors Struggle

There's a great big lie that I bought into pretty early in life. It's a belief held by most of us but made no truer by its popularity. And I/we go even further than simply believing it. We strive to redirect, refocus, reform, reconstruct our lives until they fit into this fallacy.

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