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Grace in Which I Stand

In my much younger, teenage years my greatest desire was to belong and be longed for. I found confirmation in the acceptance of others and their displays of love towards me, whether genuine or not. From wearing my one pair of clearance Abercrombie and Fitch shorts (because I was too cheap to buy an actual pair of pants) to carrying my school books in a purse rather than a backpack, I was desperate to be seen like every other “cool” girl. Come freshman year of college, seemingly all of that changed.

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Why God Must Be at the Center of Our Quest for Identity

Growing up, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about my identity. I didn’t sit at home and ponder why I was the way I was. I didn’t spend much time contemplating my decisions or trying to be a certain way. I was just me. For the most part, I really liked who I was. But as an adult, I began to process my identity more and more. Why did I act a certain way? Why did people say hurtful things about me? Why did that situation bother me so much? Why was I the way I was? What was my identity?

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You've Already Been Crowned in Purpose

Anyone else out there desperate to find the purpose/calling/meaning of your entire existence? This is pretty much at the top of my hobby list. Everyone in my family seems to know exactly why God put them here, and I’m over here taking interest inventories every few months to see if there’s some magic answer that suddenly pops up.

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