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Pushing Against the Tide of Doing Too Much

If you’re a busy girl, you know that giving yourself pause to slow down and do nothing for a while can be… difficult. But when you’re running your butt off all day and all week, you have to give yourself the opportunity to breathe and let go. I’m no stranger to this game and oftentimes feel like I need to be doing something worth putting on Instagram stories every day. But you don’t have to. While there’s a part of me that’s always go go go, there’s another part that needs to take one day every weekend to do absolutely nothing in order to rebound for the next week. Rest and time off are essential to anyone trying to conquer the world. 

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Confidence-Inspiring Affirmations Every Woman Needs

Do you know that feeling when it seems as if the world could care less about you? Yeah, I’ve been there recently—it’s not easy. It can feel like you’re unimportant or a nuisance. That describes my recent life experiences to a T. Despite that, I know there are truths I’ve been ignoring—I’ve let the shortcomings of others define my worth. This is not how we are called to live, girlfriend. We are made for more—more than the labels and lies this world forces upon us. Frankly, we are called to live loved. 

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