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Finding Fatherly Love Amidst Heartache

When I was a little girl, my dad had a wife who hurt me deeply with piercing words of my worthlessness for years. Even though I only spent a few months with her each year as I was growing up, she had one of the greatest impacts on my heart and self-image as a child. She hurt my heart deeply. She convinced me I was lacking value — that I would never be as good as her daughter, that I was a liar and a waste of space. Each day my dad would leave for work in the summer, I felt abandoned. I felt left behind.

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A Love Story Many (Single) Years in the Making

As women, our desire for love is undeniable. Even at such a young age, before we’ve even lost all of our baby teeth, we fantasize about boys and marriage. It’s nothing to be ashamed of — it’s just how we’re wired. However, society has its own views on relationships and at times, we might feel pressured to measure up. Although, not every woman gives societal norms the power they ruthlessly demand. Christina Vincent, a 37-year-old from Springfield, Missouri, trusted in the Lord’s plan when it came to her love story — rather than taking cues from an impatient world.

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True Love Actually Isn't a Fairytale

The kind of love we see plastered across the media and portrayed in the entertainment industry isn’t at all what a real relationship is like. It is because of these misconstrued ideas of love that often times we think anything less than means we’re settling — or simply with the wrong person. We base our “perfect match” on the love stories we see in the movies and think the relationship will come easy — like in a sunset on the beach, hand in hand, forever in love kind of way.

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