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Series Introduction: Live Loved

It’s nice to be loved, wouldn’t you agree? There is comfort and belonging found in the company of someone who truly loves you. When surrounded by people who deeply care for you, facing the world feels easier because you’re supported. But, with love, hurt almost always steals the goodness and joy that exists because of love. You see, no matter how deep another’s love burns for you, shortcomings and imperfections of our humanity will always hinder our perception of unconditional, real and pure love. That’s the beauty in knowing this truth—before you could earn love, it was already very much yours. You’ve been tirelessly working to grasp a hold of something that’s been in your possession for your entire life.

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Series Introduction: Vulnerability

Therapists have been stereotyped for years. The media often portrays them as inconsiderate, nosey, pretentious moneymakers with stiff couches and even more uncomfortable questions. This illusion convinces us that if we are to even think about seeing a therapist, you should think again. I believe there is this misconception that seeking counseling is taboo, and when the words, “My therapist says…” spill from someone’s mouth, judgment is there, trailing closely behind. I’m here to tell you, seeking help from a therapist is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

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Series Introduction: Potential

Potential. That’s a word with a whole lot of weight behind it. Parents, teachers, babysitters, tutors, bosses, spouses, you name it — they have all spoken to your potential. The funny thing about potential is the context can either be positive or negative. First scenario: you’re excelling and doing incredibly well, so you’re encouraged to stretch yourself and look within for untapped potential. Second scenario: you’re all about the bare minimum and you don’t challenge yourself. A.K.A. you’re not living up to your full potential. It doesn’t matter which scenario you find yourself in, as long as you’re aware of your potential. That’s key, girlfriend. 

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