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I Messed Up, Now What?

I’ve been a bad friend, a horrible daughter, and sometimes, a lousy dream chaser. I’ve broken promises, spoken harshly to those I love, and lost sight of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I don’t always make the right choices and, at times, I let myself down because I’ve made excuses. I can’t stick to a diet to save my life—but that’s a work in progress—and I let my independent spirit push others away. The list goes on and on. I make mistakes. Go figure. But that doesn’t mean I’m not cut out to be the best damn friend you’ve ever had or measure up to the potential my parents see in me. Failure doesn’t mean my dreams won’t take flight and maybe, just maybe, those jeans will eventually fit just right.

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Inspiring Story of Strength From Breast Cancer Survivor

Enduring life’s most unexpected, painful journeys teaches one’s soul how to be resilient. When 54-year-old Conni Colella-Ersland found a small lump in her breast in June 2000, she was about to grow a whole lot stronger — because of the battle ahead. When she was in her 20s, Conni’s gynecologist diligently reminded her to have her first mammogram at the age of 35. But, when the time came to follow her doctor’s instructions, the American Medical Association changed the age recommendation to 40 and Conni was told to wait another five years. It was only a few short months later when she discovered the nickel-sized lump in her left breast. 

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