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Pursuing Honest Reflections of Love

Someday, you have to stop caring. You have to give up, and you have to move on. You have to stop looking to others to see your reflection. Someday, you have to stop looking at all the ways in which you need to be fixed and start to love exactly who you are. It’s not easy not to care. People are quick to provide their input and judgements, and you’ll never run out of critiques if you go looking for them. In the most formative times of life, you can forget who you are and spend your time obsessing over who everyone thinks you are. It’s a run of faceless days ruled by the labels given to you. 

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Nikki Openly Shares Her Heart, Struggles, Vision

It was at this time last year our founder, Nikki Michelle Charnstrom embarked on the incredible journey that is Crowned Chics. By following the Lord’s leadings, Nikki made this dream a reality when she launched the website on May 1, 2018. In celebration of the year-long victory, our founder created a heartfelt, honest message just for you. In this video, Nikki reveals some never-before-shared thoughts, revelations and hopes for the future. Through opening up about recent struggles, Nikki also gives a word of encouragement you need to hear. After all, Crowned Chics is about YOU and for YOU.

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