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Confidence-Inspiring Affirmations Every Woman Needs

Do you know that feeling when it seems as if the world could care less about you? Yeah, I’ve been there recently—it’s not easy. It can feel like you’re unimportant or a nuisance. That describes my recent life experiences to a T. Despite that, I know there are truths I’ve been ignoring—I’ve let the shortcomings of others define my worth. This is not how we are called to live, girlfriend. We are made for more—more than the labels and lies this world forces upon us. Frankly, we are called to live loved. 

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You've Already Been Crowned in Purpose

Anyone else out there desperate to find the purpose/calling/meaning of your entire existence? This is pretty much at the top of my hobby list. Everyone in my family seems to know exactly why God put them here, and I’m over here taking interest inventories every few months to see if there’s some magic answer that suddenly pops up.

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