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Prayers to Pray When You Need Stillness

Being still is very important. Taking a step back to realize what’s going on can truly make a difference. It’s so important to take a day of the week to have as your rest day, just like God did. Six days of work and the seventh use as a rest to day to cleanse your spirit and focus that day on God—a day to be still in the moment. It’s OK to slow down sometimes, to take a step back and be still for a minute so you can assess what’s going on. You can gain so much wisdom from taking a moment to be still with God and focus in on Him. It’s so important to stay aware of what’s going on so you can always have a clear understanding of things. Take your time to relax and be still!

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Peace in the Eye of the Storm

I used to think I was a pretty peaceful person who took the chaos of other people’s lack of peace as it came at me. But, in this current season of life, I have been very unsettled by things happening in the lives of those closest to my heart — as well as within myself. All sorts of feelings have been stirred up that have resulted in an overwhelming sensation of anxiousness. I cry even more than I normally do, which was already nearly every day. I scream at the top of my lungs at God when I am driving. I cannot even sit through a full day of ministry school without abruptly leaving to go battle out my frustrations elsewhere. I don’t want to specify exactly what trials are hitting against the walls of my heart, but I will say they have caused me to question my Heavenly Father.

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