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Four Steps to Living a Carefree Life

For me, stillness means sitting at the water’s edge or beneath a patio watching the rain pitter-patter through aromatic pine needles. That’s where I truly feel at peace, where not one thought clouds my ability to breathe in the fresh air and live in the moment. The neat thing about stillness is everyone approaches it differently. What might bring me peace, may not do a single thing for you. Your idea of relaxation could be the complete opposite of how I rejuvenate and reset. This is why I don’t want to push my idea of stillness on you. Instead, I’ll tell you of all the ways I practice stillness in my life and what’s worked for me.

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5 Steps to Lowering the Volume in Your Life

Silence is deafening to me. In fact, it’s one of my biggest fears. I find it terrifying because, to me, it means something is being forgotten: maybe it’s an errand, maybe it’s plans I made weeks ago and forgot to write down…maybe it’s me. The thing is, silence could—and for most, does—mean peace of mind. It could mean it’s time to relax or stand for fulfillment, or be the gateway to the best sleep I’ll ever have. For now, that kind of silence is unfamiliar. Whether it comes to work, side projects or even bettering myself personally, it’s undeniable that I’m a busy bee. There is so much buzzing that my silence could very well not be silence at all, so I’m taking steps to lower the volume—and, in case you’re like me, or on your way to be—I wanted to share exactly what those steps are.

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