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Series Introduction: Vulnerability

Therapists have been stereotyped for years. The media often portrays them as inconsiderate, nosey, pretentious moneymakers with stiff couches and even more uncomfortable questions. This illusion convinces us that if we are to even think about seeing a therapist, you should think again. I believe there is this misconception that seeking counseling is taboo, and when the words, “My therapist says…” spill from someone’s mouth, judgment is there, trailing closely behind. I’m here to tell you, seeking help from a therapist is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

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Crowned with Independence

Let’s begin with a bit of self-evaluation. Would you consider yourself to be independent or dependent? If you aren’t sure or you’re thinking maybe you fall somewhere in the middle, that’s OK. Perhaps you answered that question without hesitation, knowing your personality type full well. It took me years to nurture a spirit of independence, so feeling on the fence about the subject is totally normal. We all develop at different speeds and walk very different paths in life, so only time can truly tell.

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Crowns Earned by Experience

I strongly believe my childhood and life experiences set me down the path to earning my “crowns” in strength, wisdom, creativity, love, and compassion. In order to understand how I came to be as a person, we need to take a quick trip back down memory lane!

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