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3 Keys to Reaching Your Full Potential

When God created you, He deposited within you many gifts and talents. Those gifts could be summarized in one word: potential. God has given you the potential to do great things, to serve Him fully, and to change the world for His glory. God did not give us fully developed gifts. Instead, He deposited seeds within us, and it is our job to care for those seeds, so they grow and mature, reaching their full potential. Many people get discouraged along the way. Their gifts do not develop as quickly as they would like. They do not reach their goals as soon as they had expected to. Often people end up settling for less, instead of continuing to push forward and reaching their full potential.

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Grace in Which I Stand

In my much younger, teenage years my greatest desire was to belong and be longed for. I found confirmation in the acceptance of others and their displays of love towards me, whether genuine or not. From wearing my one pair of clearance Abercrombie and Fitch shorts (because I was too cheap to buy an actual pair of pants) to carrying my school books in a purse rather than a backpack, I was desperate to be seen like every other “cool” girl. Come freshman year of college, seemingly all of that changed.

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