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YOU Have So Much Potential

There are times in life when we believe we’ve hit rock bottom. We think we have no potential. We think there’s nowhere to go in life. We don’t have a stable foundation to build ourselves up on. But I’m here to tell you… YOU have so much potential! If you build your life with God as your foundation, you will realize He has amazing things planned for you. You will have up and down moments all throughout life. But don’t let the down moments knock you off your feet. Don’t lead yourself to believe the only option in life is to give up. Instead, take these hard times and lean into God. Use those times to build yourself up in the Word of God and allow His Word to be an encouragement in your life.

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I Messed Up, Now What?

I’ve been a bad friend, a horrible daughter, and sometimes, a lousy dream chaser. I’ve broken promises, spoken harshly to those I love, and lost sight of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. I don’t always make the right choices and, at times, I let myself down because I’ve made excuses. I can’t stick to a diet to save my life—but that’s a work in progress—and I let my independent spirit push others away. The list goes on and on. I make mistakes. Go figure. But that doesn’t mean I’m not cut out to be the best damn friend you’ve ever had or measure up to the potential my parents see in me. Failure doesn’t mean my dreams won’t take flight and maybe, just maybe, those jeans will eventually fit just right.

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Affirmations of Others Cannot Measure Your Potential

Everyone has potential. We excel in different fields, but there is a place for each of us to succeed. When measuring out our potential, the greatest influence often comes from the observations and opinions of those we respect. If our boss says we have potential to move up in the company, our perception of our potential brightens. We strive for affirmation and encouragement from the experts. The problem is that human observation and opinion are often flawed. People make judgements based on subjective experiences, which don’t always lead to the best instincts about others. Basing our level of potential and worth on someone else's views can misguide us or even cause us to lose sight of our goals amidst our need to impress.

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