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Why God Must Be at the Center of Our Quest for Identity

Growing up, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about my identity. I didn’t sit at home and ponder why I was the way I was. I didn’t spend much time contemplating my decisions or trying to be a certain way. I was just me. For the most part, I really liked who I was. But as an adult, I began to process my identity more and more. Why did I act a certain way? Why did people say hurtful things about me? Why did that situation bother me so much? Why was I the way I was? What was my identity?

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Series Introduction: The Crowns We Wear

All this talk about crowns would be pointless if we didn’t dive into it. Wouldn’t you agree? That’s why during the month of June, my lovely writers and I will be discussing “The Crowns We Wear.”  They might be picture perfect or slightly crooked — but above all, we’ll be sharing from the heart. You can expect raw emotions from real women who aren’t afraid to put it all out there. We want you to get to know us, our stories and our crowns.

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