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Sharing the Joy in Your Heart

Don't take joy for granted, but keep growing your relationship with God and you will have more and more joy throughout your life. Of course, following God doesn't mean you're going to live the perfect life. You're still going to go through tough times and hard struggles, but at least you're not doing it alone. Share your joy and blessings with others, because you don't know how much that could change their day.

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You've Already Been Crowned in Purpose

Anyone else out there desperate to find the purpose/calling/meaning of your entire existence? This is pretty much at the top of my hobby list. Everyone in my family seems to know exactly why God put them here, and I’m over here taking interest inventories every few months to see if there’s some magic answer that suddenly pops up.

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Crowns Earned by Experience

I strongly believe my childhood and life experiences set me down the path to earning my “crowns” in strength, wisdom, creativity, love, and compassion. In order to understand how I came to be as a person, we need to take a quick trip back down memory lane!

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