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God in the Heartbreak

I’ve been out of dating world for over 7 years now and sisters, I freely admit I do not miss it. Dating can be a battlefield of reluctant patience and guys who chew way too loudly. Looking for the man God has willed for you and experiencing heartbreak are nerve-racking, sometimes disappointing, and even unbearable experiences. Still yet, it is equally a time of immense growth, learning to love and know yourself, and drawing closer to your greatest love — God. I have a range of lackluster to downright devastating relationship experiences to draw from. I’m going to focus on two of those not-so-darling guys today and the demise of our relationships.

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God Defines Beauty, Not Me

Before I fell in love with Jesus and took the time to learn the truth about who He made me to be, I was always desperately searching for ways to become beautiful. I thought beauty was something to gain outwardly. Every morning I would wake up, watch YouTube tutorials on how to beautify my face (since I had no idea how to do makeup without assistance) and put on an outfit I had spent hours planning out over the weekend.

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True Love Actually Isn't a Fairytale

The kind of love we see plastered across the media and portrayed in the entertainment industry isn’t at all what a real relationship is like. It is because of these misconstrued ideas of love that often times we think anything less than means we’re settling — or simply with the wrong person. We base our “perfect match” on the love stories we see in the movies and think the relationship will come easy — like in a sunset on the beach, hand in hand, forever in love kind of way.

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