Living Loved, A Mindset



“Ultimately, your thinking determines the kind of person you become. The Proverb is true: ‘As a person thinks in his heart that’s who he or she becomes.’”

While doing my morning Instagram perusing, this quote popped up on my favorite Instagrammer’s story (@herwelshness) and it got me thinking about what it would look like to ‘live loved’. 

I continued on my thought process by adjusting the Proverb to read as I had internally perceived it: “As a person thinks he is loved that’s when he or she will begin to live loved.”

I truly believe our mindset is the biggest persuader of who we allow ourselves to become. The Lord can show His love to us all He wants, as can our friends and family and anyone else we allow near to our hearts… but they can’t access the fullness of who we are without our permission as the receiver. 

A woman can read a love letter from her husband or listen to her mom rave about how proud she is of her daughter for coming so far, for achieving so much. However, it’s up to us, as that woman on the other end of the affection, what we do with this love being laid out before us.

If I think I am undeserving of the affections of others, I won’t let the positive words of those who care for me shape who I am. It’s these words I don’t let reach the depths of my heart that won’t be able to project me forward into who I want to become.

So this month, let us challenge ourselves. Let’s change our mindset and let love sink in. Accept compliments. Believe the love letter. Listen to your mom! 

I believe it’s as simple as that, as simple as making the choice of letting yourself know in your mind—AND heart—that you are so deeply loved.

Let’s live loved.

Peyton is a freelance journalist who strides through every day with a little coffee and a lot of Jesus. If she’s not scribbling away in a journal at a corner café she is probably watercolor painting, baking pastries or exploring new hobbies.