It’s Time to Truly Love Yourself



Feeling loved is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. Whether it’s from a family member, friend or a significant other, love is the one thing that keeps the world spinning. Finding the strength within your heart to give your love to others can oftentimes be too easy, but we do it because it’s what feels right and makes us feel whole. 

But, what about loving yourself and being able to confidently walk in the direction of your dreams because you are confident in who you are, and you love yourself whole-heartedly? That’s an entirely different story. 

Everyone has been there. You hate the way your arms look in that sleeveless shirt. The person you thought loved you unconditionally walked away. You didn’t get the promotion at work. So many factors in our day-to-day life prohibit us from being able to shake off the negativity and focus on the things that make us truly beautiful. And with that, it becomes easy to forget why you love yourself, why you’re so special. 

In this era of self-love and self-care, the pressure to know your worth becomes increasingly more apparent. You can read every self-help book, sign up for every fitness class in a five-mile radius of your home, and practice daily mantras of self-love but at the end of the day, are these things truly going to solve your problems? Probably not. 

To live loved—living from a place where you are confident in yourself and your worth—you have to have the tough discussions with yourself. From my own experience, I know how easy it is to hang onto the fact that you’re unhappy with yourself. It becomes something like an excuse or a reason to not fully live the life you deserve. For me, it’s not about self-love or spending the night practicing self-care techniques, it’s about holding myself accountable. 

If you don’t feel confident in yourself or you’re finding it difficult to feel your worth, it’s important to get to the root of the issue. What’s holding you back? What can you change today that will set you up for better success tomorrow? My favorite way of doing this is spending some time with a journal—it’s only when you recognize your insecurities that you can face them head-on and create a real plan for yourself. Sit down and get all of your problems onto the page. It’s going to hurt reading back your deepest feelings, but it will create a feeling of distance, making it easier to see these things at face value and create a strategy for how you’d like to improve your life and tackle the things that are making you feel so small. 

The greatest part about life is you can work on the things that don’t bring you joy. Acknowledge what’s holding you back and empower yourself to make a plan and take back control of your life. It’s time to live loved and know that no matter what the world throws at you, you can overcome it. 

Ashley Johnson is the managing editor of She Reads by day and an aspiring novelist by night. Blogging her way through college, Ashley graduated Northern Arizona University with a degree in English in 2017. When she’s not catching up on the best new reads from her favorite publishers, she can be found taking naps with her four loyal chihuahuas and claiming her rightful title of “VIB Rouge” at Sephora.