It is Christ Who Knows Me



Before opening up my phone to find out this month’s topic, I found myself talking to my sweet friend Julia about where we find our worth/affirmation. We were discussing times we strived to get the approval of those we felt reflected the Lord through their lives most. Leaders, friends, you name it.  

We came to this common realization that we felt like we had been letting down the Lord when the leaders in our circle weren’t calling out the good things we did or the kind people we are. It was as if the people we admired had the authority to judge us in the same way our God does, but not because God said so. We had given them this power.

By the grace of God, we had both realized this to be a faulty system awhile back.  We were both reflecting on our recent past.

I went on to tell her how I’ve fully accepted where I stand in life at this moment. I am grasping, at least more than I used to, the concept of looking vertically to the Lord instead of horizontally to others for confirmation on how I am doing… or, even more so, on who I am.

Then, I look at the Crowned Chics writing page to see the topic for the month is along the lines of the exact thing we were sharing about. Identity.

I could not help but laugh to myself and look up to God in an “oh I see what you just did there” sort of way.

There is not a single area God is not meant to be in my life.

Above that, He is the intentional Father who took the time to design me piece by piece. Heck, He even went into detail to put together my thick brown eyebrows one hair at a time. He is THAT precise with how HE created me.

He is a part of every detail of our existence.

It brings me to tears thinking how much He has always known about me and how little I chose to know about Him for many years of my life.

In Jeremiah 1:5, the Lord tells me I was set apart by Him, and He’s always had a plan for me. He tells me He appointed me in high places BEFORE He even formed me in my mother’s womb.

If the God of the heavens and earth was intentional enough to take the time to not only form me, but then to place me at His side and call me His before I could do literally anything, I’d say that’s enough proof to show that I am worth something.

Nothing else matters. No one else can define me. My identity is in Christ and Christ alone.

Peyton is a freelance journalist who strides through every day with a little coffee and a lot of Jesus. If she’s not scribbling away in a journal at a corner café she is probably watercolor painting, baking pastries or exploring new hobbies.