Morning Routine for the Busy Woman (FREE Printable)



Lately, my morning routine has been a work in progress. I want to rise feeling rested and ready for the day. Especially now that I work most days from home, healthy morning habits have never been so important. In order to have a successful day, it all begins with the first hour. Setting ourselves up to have a productive, goal-crushing day should be a priority for every girlboss, mother and hard-working gal out there.

Here are a few things I’ve learned recently that propel me into having better days:

  1. Embrace Slowness

  2. Don’t Check Emails and Social Media

  3. Give Yourself Time to Eat Breakfast

  4. Read, Write or Exercise

  5. Ask, “What Do I Want to Achieve Today?”

  6. Listen to Your Hype Song

The beauty of mornings is the fresh start each sunrise brings. So, if you pick up that phone and scroll through Instagram within the first five minutes of waking up, it’s OK. Start over tomorrow. If you get out of bed late and forget to eat breakfast, it’s alright. You have another try. Forming new habits requires showing yourself grace, but also keeping yourself accountable. I’ve included a helpful reminder sheet to print out and tape to your mirror, or frame to place by your bedside.

The secret to a successful woman is how she begins her day. Let’s all work a little harder to make our mornings better.

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Nikki is the owner and founder of Crowned Chics. She lives in the warm desert of Phoenix, Arizona with her beloved family. If she's not ferociously clanking away on her typewriter, she's behind the camera capturing moments for her business Charnstrom Captures Photography.