How Not to Become a Creature of Habit



There’s that age-old phrase about being a “creature of habit.” We all know someone who gets into one routine—one way of thinking, one way of doing—and neglects trying new things. Whether it’s trying spaghetti squash for the first time in place of noodles or spending every night the same as the last, it’s easy to leave forward-thinking behind and keep from trying something different.

But when you break out from your usual mold and try things that aren’t familiar to you, you’ll find your life and entire being will be better for it. The key to happiness is finding the things that excite you most. If you’re stuck in your ways and unwilling to try anything new, you may spend your entire life missing out on the one thing you were meant to do.

Step one to not becoming a creature of habit? Stop fearing change.

Change is the only constant in life so if you haven’t already accepted that, there’s no better time than the present. The moment you stop associating the word ‘change’ with any kind of negative connotation, you will see the light. Change is the best part of life because each time you try something new, you become a better version of yourself; your horizons open up that much more. Once you’ve gotten over the fear of things changing, you’ll find the habits you once stuck to were really your downfall all along.

Step two of not becoming a creature of habit: recognize what’s holding you back.

This is the step where I’m going to tell you to take a hard look in the mirror and get a grasp on what exactly is holding you back in life. What habits have you picked up that are keeping you from being your best you? It’s never fun to recognize our bad habits straight on. But you can’t correct your missteps if you don’t call yourself out every now and again. Sometimes you are the only one holding yourself back.

The final step on your mission to not becoming a creature of habit: challenge yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable every day.

Genuinely ask a stranger how their day has been. Try a new drink on your morning Starbucks visit. Get out of your house next weekend and spend the day getting to know your town better. Take a drive, ask that cute guy out, book that trip you’ve been dreaming about. No matter what you do, keep working towards your goals and taking a risk or two along the way. Humans are great at forgetting how short life is and when you become a creature of habit, the days seem to fly by even faster.

Ashley Johnson is the managing editor of She Reads by day and an aspiring novelist by night. Blogging her way through college, Ashley graduated Northern Arizona University with a degree in English in 2017. When she’s not catching up on the best new reads from her favorite publishers, she can be found taking naps with her four loyal chihuahuas and claiming her rightful title of “VIB Rouge” at Sephora.