For the Girl Who Feels Self-Conscious Without Makeup



You probably woke up this morning to begin your day just like any other — start a pot of coffee, brush your teeth, tame your wild, out-of-control hair, and cover your imperfections with concealer. You would argue there’s nothing wrong with your routine and at surface level, there isn’t. 

However, I’m here to tell you it’s OK if you don’t want to follow your daily routine to a tee. On those mornings you wake up unexcited about the time it’s going to take to put on a full face of makeup, guess what — YOU DON’T HAVE TO. I give you permission to use that extra 30 minutes or an hour to instead find something spiritually and emotionally fulfilling.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Nikki, that all sounds great but I wouldn’t dare leave the house without makeup.” I get it, girl. I’ve been there before too. Somewhere along those years of transitioning from a girl to a woman, society told you in order to grow up, you had to look the part. So, at the young age of 13, you found yourself in the makeup aisle, lost and overwhelmed by all of the “necessary” products — but you still left with something.

Let me make one thing very clear — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to wear makeup but once it becomes a mask you hide behind, then we have a problem. Before you were aware of the expectations and pressures put on you by an insecure world, you ran freely. You let your raw skin feel the crisp breeze and the sun freckle your cheeks. Where has that little girl gone? Who says you can’t face the day as you are?

You are NOT your makeup. Your beauty is not defined by the eyeshadow palettes you blew your well-earned money on. Your inner-confidence is not found in a preconceived notion or a manipulated appearance. Makeup is meant to serve you, not enslave you. You have the freedom to give makeup power, don’t let it push you into a corner of exhausting routines.

Sure, you might think your skin is far too splotchy and imperfect — and oh, that acne. *sigh* That’s life, girl! We weren’t cut from the same cloth. Your skin is going to look different from your best friend’s or that supermodel on the cover of Vogue. Society will tell you if you’re any less perfect, well, then, in their eyes you’re less than. But, that is SO not the case!

Perfection and beauty according to society’s standards have been shaped and restructured a gazillion times. I’m here to tell you true beauty will forever be the same. It can’t be told how to look or what skin creams to use. True beauty embraces its simplest form and ignores any kind of manipulation. Who you are, natural hair and bare-faced will always be in style.

So, tomorrow, I dare you to look at yourself in the mirror and see your body for everything it is — as it is. Give your skin air to breathe and let your hair fall this way and that. For once, leave your makeup, untouched and unloved. Invest the time it takes to do your makeup into another area of your life that makes you feel good.

If you don’t first accept yourself, you won’t find true approval anywhere else. It all starts from within — dig deep, wash your face, and say hello to a refreshing life lived authentically.


Nikki is the owner and founder of Crowned Chics. She lives in the warm desert of Phoenix, Arizona with her beloved family. If she's not ferociously clanking away on her typewriter, she's behind the camera capturing moments for her business Charnstrom Captures Photography.