Those Lies in Your Head Don't Know Beauty

By: Nicole Zygadlo


A Letter to You,

I am sure you have been bombarded with all the clichés about self-love and how your truest form of beauty lies within. If you are like most women you might have even saved a motivational quote to your phone, laptop or printed it out and hung it to your wall. If you are like me, these reminders may sit on your heart — yet so many times I will forget they pertain to me. Many times I forget my own beauty. I fall into the trap of lies that I am not enough, or I am too much.

I will begin to doubt the plans God so wonderfully laid out for my life and I will immediately find myself questioning why He chose me for this path, why did He put these plans on my heart?

 God, am I good enough? God, how do I show you in every move I make? I have failed Him so many times and then the shame crawls in. I am not a good friend, I am not smart enough for my career, I am too awkward, too loud. The thoughts and words I hoped I had put to rest haunt me every now and then… and suddenly a light breaks in and I am crying to a song on the radio, or even worse in yoga class because God knew I needed a reminder that I am His, and I am loved.  

Maybe this letter is that small crackle of light for you…

The truest form of beauty has nothing to do with what makeup you wear or your jean size. It has nothing to do with how you may look but everything to do with how you think, act, and love others. 

The truest form of beauty is how you care when a friend comes to you with a problem. Your truest form of beauty shows when you genuinely accept others and love them for who they are. Your truest beauty shines when you offer a compliment to a stranger. Your beauty comes from living your life the way Jesus lived His

The calling of living a beautiful life comes from within, and there isn’t an exact recipe to finding that love for yourself. 

Confidence, for me, did not come from outside experiences — the realization of my worth was not sudden or overnight. My moment of self-compassion came from years of mistakes and an ocean of God’s grace. Truthfully, looking back on my journey to confidence I see God all over it. In hindsight, I see Him guiding me through the hard stuff even when in those years, I was not close to Him. I did not know God as a real friend, I did not see love from above as tangible.

I see you, I hear you.

You are greater than the lies you hear in your head.

You are loved even after your mistakes.

You are not your shame.

You are good because God’s love is greater.

“God is within her, she will not fail.” PSALM 46:5

I could keep this letter going forever, but less is more sometimes.

You are beautiful and you are needed here. You have purpose. You have a calling.

Let me finish with a simple formula to beauty:

Kindness + infinite amounts of Laughter + Humility + Honesty + Giving your mess to God + Breathing + Forgiveness (for yourself & others) … All these mixed together in your own fashion will cultivate true beauty. 

With Love,



Nicole is a full-time Patient Care Tech at a hospital in the lovely town of Flagstaff, Arizona. She loves a good cup of tea and spending time outdoors breathing in the mountain air. You can find her cuddling her cat, spending time with Jesus, and running her Instagram blog.