Series Video Introduction: True Beauty

True Beauty-Email.jpg

The society we live in bombards us with images, expectations and standards on a daily basis when it comes to appearance. We are told we must look a certain way if we want to fit in and be accepted. For the month of August, Crowned Chics is taking a step back to question society's idea of beauty and instead, replacing it with a refreshing message — embrace you and all of your flaws.

Founder, Nikki Michelle Charnstrom sits before the camera makeup-free to introduce this new series to you in a real, heartfelt conversation. So, are you ready? Join us on this wild journey of finding freedom in our day-to-day beauty routines and looking in the mirror with a smiling, receptive heart.

In the video, Nikki challenges you to go a day without makeup. If you do, please share your experience and photos by using #truecrownedchic. You might be featured on our Instagram story!

Watch intro below!