No Makeup, No Worries



I recently participated in my first photo shoot. I’m definitely not a model, but I was happy to help our very own Crowned Chics founder Nikki Charnstrom with a project she was working on for Angelic Magazine. It wasn’t just any photo shoot, though. It was a photo shoot without *gasp* makeup — and I didn’t think twice about saying yes. Don’t get me wrong; I’m definitely a girl who loves her lip-gloss, eyeliner and more. I’m even that girl who brings my makeup to work in the morning, so I can put it on before everyone gets there and not be late for work — but there was definitely something empowering about not having to wear anything!

My makeup memories go way back. I remember when I was a kid in elementary school begging my mom to let me wear some eyeshadow and a bit of lipstick. I definitely remember thinking I was the absolute coolest with my blush and blue-lidded eyes once I finally got my hands on some. In middle school and high school, I experimented with colored eyeliners and mascaras while learning from my makeup-loving friends and trying to cover up my acne. I hit my stride in college after becoming more confident in myself, and I’m definitely pretty comfortable with my makeup skills now. I certainly had my beauty role models growing up. My grandmother is infamous for looking younger than her years, always curling her hair, wearing cute matching outfits and *another gasp* sleeping in her makeup. She has perfect skin still of course! My mom also taught me the importance of getting my eyebrows waxed and making sure my makeup was rubbed in all the way.

Still, with that said, I was looking forward to being bare-faced for an afternoon. I don’t always wear makeup at home and have experimented with wearing less in public at times and also wearing glasses with little makeup to work, so it wasn’t a complete challenge. I was actually more concerned with how my body would look, decked out in a thin-strapped white dress I had put on that was a few years old — but fit the theme of the photo shoot. I wasn’t feeling confident with my arms showing, my least favorite part of my body.

Why is it we associate beauty with covering up our faces and having the perfect body? Magazines show off the latest beauty crazes, weight loss tips and tricks, and the cover models are always perfectly coiffed, made up and model-thin. Our TV shows are filled with beautiful people, and entertainment shows talk about what celebrities are wearing and how they lost 20 pounds. Social media is full of selfies, and the emphasis is placed on looking good at all times. Truthfully, I’m not exactly where I want to be body-wise. I know I need to work out more and eat less, but overall I’m a pretty confident person. Admittedly, doing my makeup perfectly every morning makes me feel better no matter what I’m wearing clothes-wise, so how would it feel wearing no makeup at all?

Looking back at the photos now I’m very glad I did it. No, I’m not thrilled with my body and face in many of the pictures (hello double chin and my nemesis, the arms) but hey, it’s pretty cool to say I posed without makeup! In the post-shoot on-camera interview, I was the only one who said I felt confident not wearing makeup in daily life — and it was a truthful statement, although this was all quite a first for me. Thanks to the brilliant photographer and beautiful scenery, I’d even use some of these photos in a professional sense moving forward. After this big step, who knows, maybe next time I’ll even pose in a swimsuit (well let’s not get too carried away). ☺


Julie is a digital producer, on-air news anchor, writer and a self-proclaimed history and classic rock geek. When she's not behind the scenes or mid broadcast, she's hitting the town trying new restaurants or meeting up with as many friends as possible in one day.