Trouble in the Tight Places

By: Rebecca McLennan


Have you ever been in a tight spot? Awakened one day to find yourself in some kind of trouble? If you’re anything like me, I imagine you’ve answered yes. Absolutely yes, a hundred times over, yes.

Perhaps you’d consider yourself the cautious responsible type. You’re faithful to seek out wise counsel and go to the Lord in prayer with your plans, taking every precaution to avoid pitfalls. Maybe you’re a little more free-spirited in nature, making plans and jumping into life with a little less caution.

There you are walking along through life, making plans, taking action and suddenly you find yourself tangled in trouble. Either way, whether or not you’re looking for it, trouble has a way of finding you.

I recently had a conversation with the Father about a certain kind of trouble my husband and I found ourselves in. After much prayer and a bit of a whirlwind experience, we purchased a house. A house abandoned for many years sitting in shambles. We enjoy home renovations. We’ve done them in the past and had been itching to get our hands on another. Upon closing on the property, we set out excitedly to plan our projects and budget. It didn’t take long, as these things do, for the budget to run out long before the projects were complete.

With approaching deadlines, unfinished projects and an empty budget — panic and hopelessness set in. We found ourselves in a bit of unforeseen trouble. Feeling overwhelmed with guilt for our carelessness and unwise planning, I turned to the Father in a moment of quiet time.

Pride and shame tempted me to hide from Him when asking for His help to once again get us out of trouble seemed too embarrassing. I recall shame, regret and discouragement pushing on my heart, as the weight of feeling cornered by our situation settled in with no apparent way of escape.

Tenderly, I felt the Lord encourage me to pick up his word and read. That is when my eyes fell on the fourth Psalm. The Psalm opens up with David in an obvious state of panic.

“When I call give me answers. God, take my side! Once, in a tight place, you gave me room; Now I’m in trouble again: grace me! hear me!” Psalm 4:1

Oh, how at that moment I could relate to David! The feeling of being in such a tight place, a place of trouble once before but now, seeing God come through creating space, making room in my situation, alleviating the pressure or removing the problem completely. In the middle of his trouble, David could have tucked tail and run or attempt to fix his problems in his own strength — but he didn’t. Instead, knowing and trusting who his God was, he cried out for more. Father, I’m in trouble again, help me, extend your grace to me, please! Worshiping God for His past faithfulness to aid in times of trouble, believing and trusting in Him to do it again is David’s example to us. David cried out to God reminding Him who He was and what He’d done before because he knew the God of his yesterday was the same God of his present so he cried out boldly to the Father for help!

By the third verse, his tone quickly turns from desperation to assurance:

“Look at this: look who got picked by God! He listens the split second I call to him.” Psalm 4:3

I don’t know about you but when thinking about my own situation, David’s words breathed hope and encouragement into my heart. His God is our God and we too are chosen children, so the second we call His name He surely hears us! Armed with this encouragement, I found myself crying out to God for Him to create space in my tight place.

It wasn’t too long after when we began to see God shifting some things around and releasing finances for us to complete the house. Praise God for His goodness and love towards His children! He is willing and able to extend His hand and create space in those tight places of trouble His children find themselves in!

Do you find yourself in a tight place today? Our tight places may look different from season to season. Your tight place could be a child who refuses bedtime, or maybe a financial crisis, perhaps you’re facing the loss of a loved one. Whatever your tight place of trouble looks like, may you be overwhelmed with the understanding that the God of heaven and earth is concerned about you. He loves you passionately and will not stop thinking of you. He waits tenderly and patiently for you to share your heart and cry out to Him for help.

I encourage you to turn to Him — asking Him to create space in your tight place of trouble today. There is nothing too small or too great, prominent or insignificant for our God to concern Himself with when it comes to you!


Rebecca is a foster and adoptive mother to four kiddos. She’s currently writing her first book documenting her walk through infertility and adoption.