Sharing the Joy in Your Heart

By: Cabella Joy Fjestad


Sometimes, I think we forget how much joy God has given us. We have food on our plates and family and friends who help us through hard times. We also forget not everybody has that. We see people on the street asking for money, food, and water — but we don't realize how much it would mean to them if we gave them some money and allowed them to have a glimpse of joy.

A Heart of Kindness

You can change someone’s life just by doing the simplest of things. That's why we want to make sure we're always doing all that we can. You never know how much it can impact a person if you just give a slight smile at someone. It can change their life in a way you could never imagine! You don't realize how much love and joy some people have lost from seeing all the cars drive by, not helping. They probably feel like no one cares about the struggles they've gone through or how lonely they feel. When you do the smallest thing for them — like give them a water bottle — it highlights their day. You don't always realize that's the type of thing that really moves them.

A Heart for God

A lot of people in a lot of situations feel skipped. For some people, what really helps them is when somebody takes the time to sit down and hear them out. For others, it’s spending time with God. Don't quit on your relationship with God because if you do, you're going to lose the joy God has put in your heart. Without God, you're going to go through more and more struggles and feel lonely. Don't quit just because life is hard!

If you feed your relationship with God, you can overcome those obstacles and struggles that are thrown at you. You aren't cursed because everyone else is blessed. Joy is more about having a relationship with God. Sometimes we forget how important that relationship is and how much it actually does mean to us. Even if you have a small relationship with God, you need to grow that relationship. Then, you will realize more and more about the amazing things He's done for you! You will realize He is the one who has given you all you have to be joyful and thankful for!

A Heart for others

When we realize the amazing family and friends God has given us, we’ll be able to do things with them that give us joy. God is encouraging us to not always do what we want to do every time, but to do what others want to instead. Along the way, you're going to realize seeing others happy gives you joy!

a heart of gold

God puts joy in your heart! Even if you think you have nothing, you just need to dig to find the gold — and that gold is your joy! Everybody has joy in their life. Even if God didn't bless you with everything everyone else has, that just makes you more unique. Sometimes, He takes you on some weird paths in life and you wonder if you got lost — but, He's actually doing it so you find a joy you didn’t necessarily have before. Sometimes, He also takes you on this weird journey in order for a miracle to happen. In the end you're going to see it was worth it to get to the miracles and joyfulness in your life — and to NOT quit on God. 

James 1:2-3 says, “Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”

Don't take joy for granted, but keep growing your relationship with God and you will have more and more joy throughout your life. Of course, following God doesn't mean you're going to live the perfect life. You're still going to go through tough times and hard struggles, but at least you're not doing it alone. Share your joy and blessings with others, because you don't know how much that could change their day.

God takes you on some crazy, rocky roller coasters, but in the end you will always find joy in your heart!

Cabella is an aspiring writer, a young woman of God, and a 10-year-old living with her family in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2018, she published her first book Step by Step: One Step Closer to the God Who Loves You.